Seoul Comic World.... Again! 3rd time as lucky as the other times


This Saturday I'll be selling my stuff at Seoul Comic World again. I've got some lovely new badges, so you can buy some new badges. Fantastic.
Anyway, It will be at Yangjae Citizen's Forest station on the red line, 2 stops down from Gangnam. Once you leave the station go out exit 4 and you'll see the big building on your right.
It costs 5000 won to get in and I'll be there between 10 and about 3 or 4 depending of whether or not Im failing miserably or swimming in dosh.

On sale will be:
2 comic books, t-shirt, badges, pencil case and stickers. I may also blow kisses, take pictures and sell autographs for all fans.... is that cool?



Seoul Comic World Result: Giles 1-0 Everyone else

Today is Monday. Yesterday was Sunday. On the day before today, Ji and I went to Seoul Comic World as sellers. I brought all my Mont Blank stuff and very low expectations. WHAT AN IDIOT I WAS, RIGHT?!!??! 
Sold way more than expected and had a great response to my designs. Soon enough I'll be seeing lads and ladies walking around with Mont Blank on their t-shirts. How cool is that?!?!?

I sold a ton of my badges, some stickers, more books than I expected, more than half of my pencil cases and more than half of the tshirts. I'll have to print out a more of everything for next time, but I'll also be setting up an online shop very soon for anyone who wants to buy some straight from this website.

I'm going to be selling again at the next two conventions in the same place and I'll be telling the dates pretty soon.

If anyone wants to find out how to open their own stall at the Seoul Comic World or need help with anything else related to it, then you can private message me on any of the social media websites or even comment down below!