Slowly Colouring and a New Site to See the Works

So recently I've been colouring some more of my comics and placing them on It's a pretty freaking simple website and wonderfully set up. There are also really good webcomics from people other than myself, which I'm sure you never thought possible. I'm gonna eventually get around to changing the design of this website soon too because.... I think it sucks.

GO SHOVE YO' FACE INTO the webtoons site cos that's gonna be where I'm gonna add stuff while i change the template and stuff here. I'm a busy lad in Korea right now, but at least I'm gonna be updating more regularly now (something I've said way too many times).


Finally, if you're in Seoul and wanting to buy either Volume 1 or Volume 1.5 of my comics, you can visit The Dice Latte Board game Cafe in Hoegi. It's undoubtedly the best board game cafe I've been to here and the freaking chocolate/ Guiness cake thing is bloody delicioso!