Jisan Valley Rock Festival: Day 3 THE RETURN OF THE JEDI


Sunday was the day I was most looking forward to. Travis, Biffy Clyro and The New Mastersounds!!!

This day was just as busy as Saturday, so finding a space for the mat was hard, but who gives a fah we so cool we found space quick yea. 



The first band we saw was Biffy and I'm pretty sure this was the crowd for it. LOOK HOW FEW PEOPLE WERE THERE!! Almost empty and look at the space between everyone. That space was like that for every band.... weird.....but in that heat, necessary.  

Jisan Valley Rock Festival: Day 2


The second day of the festival starte just as expected. In agony. My poor hip bones wanted to accept death. No bueno.

We left our room late in the day and grabbed some lunch at small, local restaurant. I was hungry as the wolf, so I went for a bigass donkasu (tonkatsu for all the Japan food knowers. So similar, right??? Cray cray).

Wasn't the best I've had, but I was too hungry to care.

Wasn't the best I've had, but I was too hungry to care.

Once we'd scoffed down our lunches, we headed into the venue to set up camp and had a wee listen to some bands.


As you can see, it was considerably busier than the day before. We fortunately grabbed a spot right near the back of the sound desk area. Was alright. View somewhat blocked by the fence and crap, but whatever just gonna leave the stuff there and DONCE!!!


The only performance I was looking forward to was Zedd. Some guy with two songs I knew. That was it for my Saturday anticipation. 

He was alright. it was just like going to a club and having a DJ play some a mix of tunes whilst sneakily adding in his own stuff to impress his mates.  

After that, we went to enjoy some korean music. Twasnt too late of a night. Pretty exhausted. 

Also had Pizza Hut. Sucked. Too sweet.

Jisan Valley Rock Festival: Day 1



Giles likes music, but Giles doesn't go to many music festivals. Music festivals are expensive and usually Giles doesn't have the money for festival tickets.

This summer is different......

Drawn as we travel.... srsly bumpy!

Drawn as we travel.... srsly bumpy!



YES, SIREEEE! Got a bit of dosh, got tickets and a place to stay.  The Ilsan Valley Rock Festival started in 2009 and is held on the last weekend of July every year since. I'd never heard of it before, but it seemed like an alright line up and being dragged along helped in my going (cheers, lady). The highlights for me will be: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Travis (2nd time seeing them!), Biffy Clyro (also 2nd time, omg I'm so cool!) and The New Mastersounds (wow.....2nd time too... isn't that amazing?). But srsly I don't really know any of the other bands, but whateverimprobsgonnaenjoyitrightright???


You should see the aircon....gross.

You should see the aircon....gross.

This is where we're staying.... it's not much..... but it's super close to the festival. Gonna be 4 of us sleeping on "futons" in here. It was 60,000 won for 2 nights each. Not cheap, but when the market is like a bazillion thousand festival-goers you can raise the price a wee bit. The floor feels exactly as expected. Rock hard.... but not rock hard, more wood hard cos its wood. 

So after settling down and getting all ready for some festivities, we heading out to the festival to watch some people bang some instruments.
The festival was clean and pleasant. Nothing too crazy and no drugged-up loonies trying to buy drugs off us. I would call that a successful start to the weekend.

The wait for a kind of spicy pepper

The wait for a kind of spicy pepper

This is where we waited for the Chilis. The grass was lovely. I hadn't laid on grass for months because Korea rarely has grass and, if they do, it's usually solid and uncomfortable. 

As you can see it wasn't particularly buzzing at this point, but then neither was it when the band actually started. It was a pretty small showing. So we just dropped our bags on the mat and headed toward the stage. Leaving stuff and knowing it's safe is awesome.

The biggest shock was how opposite the crowd was to an average day in Seoul. In the subways, and everywhere really, Koreans are rushed and like to push past everyone. It's frustrating in everyday life and has left me with a frowny face many times, but at this festival, I was so surprised to find so much space between each person in the crowd. We easily squeezed through to near the front without any hassle. Pretty weird, pretty cool.

The ingesting of a kind of spicy pepper

The ingesting of a kind of spicy pepper

he Chilis were pretty good. Nothing special. Just exactly what you would expect from a Chilis gig really. After that, we had a wonder and found a band  at one of the smaller stages that Ji knew..... they were fun. They were called "Norazo" (as you can see from the picture) and they were like a fun, catchy, humorous metal band. I really enjoyed it *maybe more than the Chilis*. I would advise you guys to check them out in these videos, however they are a lot less metal in their recorded stuff: 

And finally, after that insane comedy metal, we headed back to our room where we tortured ourselves by sleeping on a floor of pure pain.

Also, I had to add one small piece of Konglish at the bottom. 
We didn't go there.... it looked pretty bad.... but we did buy some mats from them :D:D:D:D:D:D

It's not a pub. Its a sign! Lies!!!!

It's not a pub. Its a sign! Lies!!!!

Last but not least, please check out my webtoons page (click the picture). I have comics ready for it, but they aren't up to a high enough standard, so soon enough I will update it, just not with the current crap.

These Kids Show Potential!

One of the most regular and odd things that happens in my school is that the students (boys and girls) will shout, and sometimes giggle, "you're handsome!".  I wouldn't mind them mentioning my incredible intellect and impeccable wit, also. I'm more than just eye candy!!!

Thank you.

Good enough reason.

Well thank you very much. I am indeed kind.

Tip for all future English teachers:
Be like me.


My next post will probably not include as many "handsome"s but it will involve more pictures of one of my favourite things I've done in Korea so far, even though it wasn't particularly Korean. Here's a little to make whet your appetitè:


First month update: What the fudge have I been doing so far? Part 1

So, after what felt like a super rushed and short goodbye to friends and family, I arrived in Korea. The plane journey was as expected, long and sleepless. I really can't sleep on aeropl... [insert generic complaint about uncomfortable aeroplane seating and bad food]...    :-|   ...
Gliding gracefully out of the plane, I headed through immigrations, which was slow, but a much more pleasant experience than my recent trip to America where my face made Americano police think some kind of drug deal was going down. Seriously, Americano police are meeeeeean and no, I don't smoke, vape or smoke hookah. What is with my face??


Anyway, I got to the arrivals area to find a Korean chap (there are many Koreans in South Korea) holding a sign with my name on. I went up to him and introduced myself and then realised he spoke no English. He proceeded to dial a number on his phone and call someone. He spoke to this phone person for a short while and then handed me the phone. "Who is this? What's going on?" was running through my sleep-deprived mind and so I said hello and then came the awkward silence mixed with what was probably Korean. So I asked "who is this?" and eventually a man says "your school!", "ah right, okay, does my driver know the address?" "in Seoul." ........... Good answer. I responded with"hhhhh (the sound of croaking when you are thinking about what to say, that one's for you Mitch) I'll pass the phone to the driver". They then sorted out where on earth they were gonna take this bedraggled foreigner and the driver grabbed my luggage and we headed towards the exit. Another phone call, another pass over to me, but this time I understood what was going on. It was the recruiter, YAY ENGLISH! And the journey to my new workplace began.

The first surprising thing on the 1 and a half hour trip to the other side of Seoul was just how many churches there were. Along the route there were dozens of crosses jotting out every few hundred metres and at times every few metres it seemed. The second surprising thing was billboards. I felt like I was in Americaland.

(Yeah that's my best picture of an American billboard, whatchu gonna do 'bout it, huh? Punk!?)

After the silent long asstrip, I arrived at the school. I got out the taxi and was welcomed by someone (I was tired and my memory is fuzzy). I then meet a few more people, none of whom speak any English, but at least the initial welcomer did. I then get told that the apartment isn't ready yet (I screamed and burst into tears in my mind) and get asked if it would be okay to stay in the dormitory. I hesitantly agreed and lugged my luggage up a few flights of stairs. "There is no bed or anything else, but we have some sheets.". Thankfully, this idea was not pushed much and so they stood around figuring out where I could stay. With my patience drying up, I suggested staying in a hotel. Sometimes I believe I was born a genius. They agreed and we headed out.

I arrive at the hotel........ the love hotel. I've been told in Korea that these hotels aren't entirely for the act of love, but you could have fooled me with the noises I heard throughout the 3 nights there. It also made me question if the people in the other rooms were doing it right.

It's called "W" hotel. the 'w' stands for ......

For the next 3 days before moving into my apartomento, I ventured into Seoul. I didn't take many photos because I couldn't be bothered. Yeah, I said, whatchu gonna do 'bout it? Puuuuunkaaaahhh!?

I do have a few of Myeongdong which is one of my favourite places I've visited so far, however. There were many Japanese restaurants and other Japanese establishments, so I felt quite at home. The past month has, however, shown me that close geography doesn't mean authentic food tastes. I knew Korea would be a completely different country and culture to Japan, but I had hoped there would be some restaurants I could visit for some home foods. Alas, Korean-Japanese food is.... very different. I've found that the best comparison for the British readers would be France and England. There is definitely a fiery feud between them, similar to the French and British, and, with regards to the food, imagine easily finding somewhere in France that has perfect fish and chips. It doesn't happen. It doesn't even easily happen in England either, to be honest. So finding good, cheap sushi or, in fact, any good Japanese food, that doesn't taste like they've stripped the salt and replaced it with honey, has eluded me so far. I'll find some someday.


Well that's what I've written down so far. I'm gonna try to make the next post a little bit less story-telling and a lot more "lol wtf?"/ informative. I hope you wait eagerly in anticipation.

With lots of hugs, kisses, blank stares and a lack of balance,

Rediscovering the wonder of Daiso

So here I am in Korea and I'm in the process of making a "first blog post in Korea" kind of post, but I'm just going to make this little one showing you guys one of my favourite shops from Japan.


I like you too, cat clock!

Daiso is the Japanese equivalent of Poundland, albeit not as full of Kia Ora and dog toys shaped as strawberries, and is actually a good shop. When I was in Japan and in need of pretty much anything from kitchenware to a wide variety of obviously fake flowers (I only ever bought one and it was beautiful), I went to Daiso. Now I'm back in the East of Asialand and have recently moved into my new apartment (another blog post coming soon) so kitchen stuff and general housey things are needed. Whilst looking through the items that were bundled into one of the stores I found in Seoul, I found quite a few humorous phrases I had to take photos of. This was one of the joys of visiting Daiso in Japan where I would head to the notebook section and read off the most ridiculously nonsensical and oddly poetic things I could find. The notebooks were the best.


You heard the bird!


This one was a pretty good one. As per usual, I have no idea wtf it's on about. For all those who can't read it (apologies for the bad photo) here is what it says:
If your head is wax, don't walk in the sun
The most courageous act is still to think
for yourself. Aloud it is a great ability to be able to
conceal one's ability

Pride sullies the noblest character
If we all did the thing we are capable of doing, we would literally
astound ourselves. The important thing was to love rather than to be loved
One cannot love and be wise

Firstly, thanks for the advice. Secondly, I'm no longer going to do what I'm capable of doing. Sounds scary.


Somebody freaking loves eating used tissues.


"Oh hi, I'm a cool bear and look at my feet."


Maybe giving scissors to your crush is a normal thing here.


Now that right there is some powerful stuff!
Plus creepy, black, staring animal...


This one is just freaking adorable. I've never wanted to hug clay/ china so much


uhuhuh......... that's what he said.....

And now for the Pièce de résistance!

I dunno if I'm gonna use that for my chopsticks or not....